Own Farm

An additional activity of the company is its own farm.

The key to producing high quality meat is to have healthy animals living in the wild on healthy and well-groomed pastures. Our animals feed on fresh green grass, water with clean water, being and growing on pastures throughout the year. The animals are raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones or steroids.

We grow:

⦁ Pigs for meat and piglets for breeding

⦁ Cows for milk

⦁ Calves for meat

⦁ Carrying hens

⦁ Broiler chickens

⦁ Sheeps

⦁ Goats

⦁ Quail

⦁ Guineafowls

⦁ Ducklings

⦁ Geese

⦁ Rabbits

⦁ Nutria

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